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Is it actually healthy to stop eating red meat?

We all hear about how bad red meat is for both the planet’s health and our own. Planet-wise, there’s no argument: The detrimental effects of greenhouse gases from livestock production on the earth’s atmosphere can’t be overlooked.

Is it possible to boost your immune system?

Everyone wants to be that person that never gets sick. The one at the office who somehow skips out on the plague that’s traveling from cubicle to cubicle, or the one that doesn’t come down with a cold even when their entire family falls victim. How do they do it?

Is there a single food that you can survive on forever?

For all of 2016, Andrew Taylor ate only potatoes. There were a few caveats: He ate both white potatoes and sweet ones, and sometimes mixed in soymilk, tomato sauce, salt and herbs. But, overall, he ate potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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